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Alleviate Pain and Promote Healing with Summus Laser Therapy

At RiverRun HEALTH Physical Therapy, we are committed to helping patients heal, manage pain, and get back to […]

Announcing the RiverRun Sports + Ortho Walk-in Clinic

We understand the importance of immediate attention, especially when you’re injured. Now, you no longer have to waste […]

iovera° Treatment for Knee Pain

If you suffer from knee pain, you’re not alone. In fact, The Washington Post reports research indicates that approximately […]

Neck and Back Pain Relief: IDD Therapy

Neck and back pain are common, with almost 31 million Americans experiencing pain at any time. From “text neck” […]

How to Use Food as Medicine

The saying “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” has been attributed to the ancient […]

RiverRun Named Preferred Healthcare Provider of the CSL

We are pleased to announce that RiverRun Sports + Ortho has been named the preferred healthcare provider of the […]

Sports Physicals for Student Athletes

It’s that time of year again for Spring sports! Sports physicals are an integral part of any student-athlete’s […]

Why You Need a Primary Care Provider

“An apple away keeps the doctor away,” or so the saying goes. But most know it takes more than an […]

Regenerative Medicine_RiverRun HEalth

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Have you ever had to bounce back from a sports injury? With almost 8.6 million sports and recreational […]



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