Neck and Back Pain Relief: IDD Therapy

Neck and back pain are common, with almost 31 million Americans experiencing pain at any time. From “text neck” to muscle injuries, neck and back pain can affect everyday life and hinder normal activities. Remember, if you have neck and back pain, it’s important to choose a provider with significant experience, knowledge, and expertise to ensure you achieve maximum results. At RiverRun HEALTH, we have seen over 17,000 patients, 90+% of whom have total back and neck pain relief. Additionally, Dr. Bill Moore Smith has over 21 years of experience using IDD therapy to treat patients’ spinal pain. 

Traditionally, patients with neck and/or back pain start with conservative treatments, like over-the-counter medications and physical therapy. Then, patients may receive injections or in some cases, may require surgery for some types of pain and injury. At RiverRun HEALTH, patients can rest assured that Dr. Bill Moore Smith and his team will always apply a non-surgical treatment approach first. Interestingly, many of the 17,000+ patients we’ve successfully treated non-surgically were told they needed surgery before coming to us. One of the non-surgical options we provide is IDD Therapy, a treatment with proven results for some types of back and neck pain caused by compression. Learn more about IDD Therapy and why it might be right for you.  

Common causes of neck and back pain

In any given year, experts estimate that anywhere from 15-20% of American adults suffer from back or neck pain. There can be many causes for neck or back pain. Usually, disc problems are the cause of chronic pain. Discs act as shock absorbers in the spine to support the spinal column. Common conditions caused by disc issues include: 

  • The bulging and herniated disc is when the disc either protrudes into the spinal column (bulging) or when the nucleus leaks out and puts pressure on the surrounding nerves (herniation).  
  • Degenerative disc disease occurs when the discs erode causing excess space and instability in the spinal column, which is usually caused by aging.  
  • Facet injuries can happen from degeneration or injury to the ligaments that hold facet joints (joints connecting vertebrae) stable, which can cause rubbing and pain.  
  • Sciatica is a condition that occurs when the sciatic nerve, which runs down the legs, becomes painful due to muscle damage, spinal degeneration, or disc herniation.  
  • Chronic pain is usually due to the breakdown of discs from wear and tear, spasms, tension, nerve damage, disc rupture and more. 

What is IDD Therapy?

Intervertebral Differential Dynamics Therapy using Accu-SPINA technology is a non-surgical treatment for neck and back pain caused by disc compression. This cutting-edge, FDA-cleared technology has over a 90% success rate. Numerous clinical trials have shown IDD Therapy to be effective in the treatment of chronic neck and back pain caused by disc compression that does not respond to other treatments.  

Intervertebral Differential Dynamics Therapy using Accu-SPINA technology is a non-surgical, FDA-cleared treatment for neck and back pain caused by disc compression. 

How does it work?

IDD Therapy uses a patented oscillation (movement) technology. Oscillation includes precise pulling motions to target specific segments of the spine. These computer-controlled movements encourage spinal regeneration and the creation of space in the spine. Creating space in the spine counters the effects of disc compression to alleviate pain. This can also relieve pressure and pain from pinched nerves. Often, doctors will prescribe a series of exercises and stretches in conjunction with IDD Therapy to help improve mobility and flexibility.  

Who is a candidate?

Because it is 100% noninvasive, IDD Therapy is ideal for patients who can’t or don’t want to undergo surgery. Usually, patients have pain for at least three months that does not respond to other conservative treatments, such as physical therapy. Patients should not have had any surgery within the past six months. In addition, patients with surgical implants may not qualify. While patients with prior back or neck surgery may qualify, your doctor will discuss your options to ensure IDD Therapy is right for you. Because there is no upper age limit, IDD Therapy may also be a good option for older patients suffering from spinal degeneration.  

What are the benefits of non-surgical spinal treatment?

The success rate of IDD Therapy is over 90%, and a growing number of studies show the effectiveness of non-surgical treatment. Because of this, IDD Therapy has many benefits over traditional surgical treatment options. These include: 

  • No recovery time 
  • No surgical risks 
  • Safe and precise 

What should you expect during IDD Therapy?

Before your IDD Therapy appointment, your doctor will walk you through the process. Usually, sessions for back pain last about 45 minutes, and neck pain sessions last about 25 minutes. The number of sessions you’ll need over a four to six-week period will depend on your pain level, condition, and lifestyle. During your appointment, you can expect: 

  1. You may remain fully clothed and relaxed for your session. Remember to use the restroom before your session.  
  2. First, your provider will provide a harness that goes around your middle and upper body to secure you to the table.  
  3. Then, the table moves horizontally to prepare for treatment, and supports and bolsters are placed if needed. Your provider may give you headphones to wear during the session.   
  4. After you are secure, your muscles will be warmed to ensure more effective treatment.  
  5. Your provider will input your information into the computer-controlled technology, and your session will begin.  If any time you need to stop or cough/sneeze, you may push the stop session button for a break.  
  6. After the oscillation is over, you will be slowly moved back to a vertical position.  
  7. Finally, you may be given cold therapy to avoid any soreness.  

After your session, you may be a little sore from the oscillation movement, though this usually passes quickly. Ice packs and heating pads may be used to alleviate pain between your treatments.  

Why choose RiverRun HEALTH?

If you have unresolved neck or back pain but don’t want to have surgery, IDD Therapy may be right for you. Licensed medical providers can provide relief from pain caused by compression of the spine using Intervertebral Differential Dynamics Therapy. Keep in mind, provider expertise is vital to ensuring you achieve maximum results. At RiverRun HEALTH, we have seen over 17,000 patients, 90+% of whom have total back and neck pain relief. Also, Dr. Bill Moore Smith at RiverRun has more than 21 years of experience using IDD therapy to treat patients’ spinal pain. 

To learn more about our wellness and regenerative medicine treatments, please call our office at 423.531.9300. 

Dr. Bill Moore Smith provides regenerative medicine, including non-surgical neck and back pain and joint injections, at RiverRun Health in Chattanooga, Tennessee. As a board-certified sports medicine doctor, Dr. Smith specializes in orthopaedic and sports medicine with an emphasis on preventative and restorative medicine. 

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Last reviewed July 5, 2023

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